Choosing The Right Boise Motorcycle Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting the right legal representative after an accident can be very frustrating. People who haven’t needed legal services in the past can be particularly overwhelmed when looking for a Boise motorcycle personal injury lawyer they can trust. There are plenty of skilled attorneys out there who advertise online and on television, and there’s no single criterion to compare each one against the others. You may opt to ask for references or go through a potential candidate’s personal injury blog and news. At the end of the day, you want to find an attorney who not only shares your values and priorities but also gives advice while letting you make crucial decisions for your case.


Personal injuries from Motorcycle accidents in Boise

Statistics have it that motorcycles suffer a huge number of accidents in Boise and across the United States. Motorcycle accidents can cause both physical and emotional trauma. States that although motorcycle accidents don’t occur as often as passenger vehicle accidents, the injuries that result from motorcycle accidents are more severe. The majority of accidents involve a passenger vehicle and a motorcycle. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include reckless driving, collisions due to the operation of defective equipment, failure to stop at intersections and failing to stay within marked lanes. According to, the economic cost of crashes involving motorcyclists in 2014 was about $234 million dollars (10% of the total cost of crashes in Idaho State).


An attorney’s experience when it comes to the assessment and investigation of claims can make all the difference. Choose a personal injury lawyer knows the information that is critical to your case. Every jurisdiction has specific standards or laws relating to negligence, causation, statutes of limitation and other aspects which might be relevant to your case.

Hiring an inexperienced motorcycle personal injury lawyer may mean you’re taking a chance and rolling the dice when you shouldn’t. So, before hiring a particular attorney, ask about the number of similar cases they’ve handled, whether they are prepared to take the case to trial if need be and their success rate. Click Here for┬átestimonials and online reviews on Craig Swapp.


The focus of an attorney’s practice can have a significant influence on the outcome of your case. A motorcycle personal injury lawyer has the right set of skills when it comes to determining liability issues such as causation and negligence. An attorney who is focused on motorcycle accidents is better equipped when it comes to valuation of compensation for injury and damages.


Hiring an attorney with excellent communication skills is crucial. You need to understand what the attorney refers to when they explain legal jargon and concepts such as comparative fault. If you walk out of a meeting with an attorney feeling clueless or having no idea what he or she was talking about, keep on searching until you find the right candidate.


Most people overlook the personality factor when looking for an attorney. While you may not be discussing the details of your case over lunch every other day, the last thing you need when you’re injured is an attorney who is not going to be there for you when you have questions, return your calls or give you a status on your case.



Motorcycle accidents can be very complicated. More data is lost and more time elapses between the collision and the investigation. Often the scene gets cleared, there are fewer witnesses, and the turn of events get less vivid. That’s why you should hire an attorney with keen investigating skills.

Meet with your lawyer

Most personal injury attorneys will offer a free initial consultation where you meet the lawyer, and they get their first impression of your case. You are not obligated to choose the lawyer as your legal representative during the first meeting as you are still free to find a lawyer who best meets your search criteria. Be ready with a list of questions about your case, the lawyer, and his or her law firm. It is at such a meeting that you should talk about legal fees. Your lawyer should be open to discussing any weaknesses he or she sees in your case and convince you that you have gone to the right place.

Money matters

It’s important to read the fine print of your contract before signing it. Look out for costs that may be associated with your case as they are likely to be different from legal fees. However, most personal injury attorneys will work with you on a contingency fee basis. That means that the lawyer will be paid part of any court award or settlement you receive.

Hiring the right person to assist you in a lawsuit or insurance claim can go a long way in helping you to get your deserved compensation. As you vet potential candidates, always be thorough. Be sure you’re comfortable with your lawyer’s experience and ethics.